For allocation participants, the file submissions page allows you to submit new files and to view files that have been submitted by users from your organisation.

    Uploading a new file

  • Use the browse button to select a file and the upload link to upload it.
  • Once uploaded, the file will appear in the file list with a status of "Uploaded".
  • As the file progresses, its status will be updated dynamically (no page refresh is necessary).
  • A yellow flash indicates a change of each file's status.

    Filter / Search

    You can filter records by:
  • Consumption Period
  • Date Submitted (Click on the calendar to select a date)
  • Submission Type
  • File Status
    Click the Search button to filter the records.

    Uploaded File List

  • The file list is a filtered list of submissions made by your organisation.
  • Click on a row to view the details of a submission including its processing history.The processing history can provide diagnostic information about why a file failed validation.
  • Click on the column headings to order by a field. Click again to reverse the ordering.
  • You can navigate between pages, using the page links at the bottom of the page.

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